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Chess is the ultimate game of strategy. There are individuals who devote years of their life to mastering every aspect of it. First developed in China before the 6th century AD, chess is a game that has grown on an international level.It is played by people of all ages and ethnic groups and encourages individuals to compete with one another. It has, since its creation, been a game that people associate with those of great intellect. Devotion, competitive drive, intellect are must have characteristics for any career driven individual. These are just a few qualities that employers look for when deciding on who to hire. You want people that are self driven and are knowledgeable in a variety of skills. If you’re an employer looking to hire the best candidate possible, sit them down for a game of chess.


Chess requires a great deal of focus. A player has to not only devise their own plan, but they must try and discover what their opponents is as well, and how they can maneuver around it.The same can be true in business as well. Companies are always planning on how to better improve their goods and services while keeping prices low and competing with other businesses. It only makes sense to hire those with the fortitude to make that happen. There are a few chess grand masters, individuals who have mastered the game, who are able to utilize a part of their brain that recognizes patterns and finds solutions, all from memory.The benefits of this stretch far beyond the chess board.


Setting goals and making crucial decisions is fundamental in being successful in your everyday career. If you get off task, or procrastinate on your priorities, you can find yourself quickly slipping down the ladder. The ability to make hasty, on the spot decisions is critical for any job field. Often times the window to make your choice is small and the pressure to do so can be overwhelming. Playing chess can have a variety of benefits, among them is the ability to spark creativity, improve your problem solving skills and boost your foresight. The Chinese knew this, and passed this knowledge onto other cultures over a span of 1500 years.


Whether you are a casual player or a master of the game, there are a few things that we can all agree upon.


  • Chess can improve intelligence and IQ.
  • It promotes strategy and critical thinking.
  • It boost a core skill set that employers look for.